Dispute Resolution Procedures -- Arbitration and Mediation

AIRROC's Dispute Resolution Procedures are streamlined resolution mechanisms designed to assist parties with the settlement of contractual disputes with narrow and specific issues or smaller dollar amounts.  In September 2014 a Mediation Procedure was added. 

We offer a list of arbitrators and mediators that have agreed to a lower set hourly fee IF they are hired to work with parties through AIRROC's DRP.  The list can also be used as a general selection method even if the parties aren't pursuing an AIRROC arbitration/mediation.     

The AIRROC-certified arbitrators or mediators have been selected through an application process requiring each arbitrator to attest that he or she meets the following minimum qualifications: (1) certification in good standing by ARIAS*U.S. to serve as an arbitrator or a mediator; or (2) at least ten years’ employment by one or more insurance or reinsurance companies or other entities in an insurance group, including companies in run-off or receivership and risk-bearing syndicates. ARIAS-certified arbitrators and mediators are designated on AIRROC’s certified arbitrator list. 

AIRROC relies on the information provided by applicants and makes no representations whatsoever regarding the accuracy or completeness thereof.

AIRROC reserves the right at any time to: (1) approve or disapprove a candidate’s application for inclusion on its certified arbitrator or mediator list; (2) remove a name from the list; or (3) amend the criteria for inclusion on the list (including retroactive application to persons who qualified under previous criteria).

AIRROC Dispute Resolution Procedure - September 2014 Updated Version

AIRROC Mediation Procedure -- September 2014

 Form 1: Arbitrator/Mediator Application             Arbitrator/Mediator Online Application

 Form 2: Initiation of Proceedings

 Form 3A: Arbitrator Referral & Disclosure (arbitrator selection administered by AIRROC)

 Form 3B: Arbitrator Referral & Disclosure (arbitrator selection by parties without AIRROC involvement)

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