AIRROC Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP) -- 2022 Edition

AIRROC's Dispute Resolution Procedures is a streamlined resolution mechanism designed to assist parties with the settlement of contractual disputes with narrow and specific issues or smaller dollar amounts.

In 2023, we revised the AIRROC Dispute Resolution Process to further its original intent of providing a streamlined template for a decision-making and/or mediation process that supported the mission of AIRROC.  Key features of this revised process are as follows:

  • A list of arbitrators and mediators that provides the following information: arbitration/mediation credentials; rate information; experience with AIRROC or its member companies, including AIRROC related activities.
  • A procedural outline that highlights opportunities to tailor the process to achieve a swift and fair resolution of disputes with a minimum of expense and delay.
  • Key agreements when employing the process, including discovery limits, confidentiality agreements, hold harmless agreements, and timing of the process (note that these can be altered by the parties if necessary).
  • A process for AIRROC to assist with impasses in the impartial appointment of arbitrators/mediators.

 Significant changes from the prior edition of the Process include the following:

  • Members can utilize a one or three member panel.
  • There is no specified hourly cap on arbitrator or mediator fees.
  • Arbitrators/Mediators will be responsible for updating their information on the list database and reporting to AIRROC on use of the DRP process for tracking purposes.

We offer a list of arbitrators and mediators that are familiar with the AIRROC Procedures.  The list can also be used as a general selection method even if the parties aren't pursuing an AIRROC arbitration/mediation.     

The AIRROC-certified arbitrators or mediators have been selected through an application process requiring each arbitrator to attest that he or she meets the following minimum qualifications: (1) certification in good standing by ARIAS*U.S. to serve as an arbitrator or a mediator; or (2) at least ten years’ employment by one or more insurance or reinsurance companies or other entities in an insurance group, including companies in run-off or receivership and risk-bearing syndicates. ARIAS-certified arbitrators and mediators are designated on AIRROC’s certified arbitrator list. 

AIRROC relies on the information provided by applicants and makes no representations whatsoever regarding the accuracy or completeness thereof.

Review the AIRROC Dispute Resolution Procedure.

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