Heard and Seen at AIRROC Events
(The below articles first appeared in AIRROC Matters)

January 2018 - AIRROC New York Regional Education Day

1. Florida Bad Faith Claims:  Best Practices In Claims Handling
2. Insurance Business Transfer Statutes
3. The Future of Claims

October 2017 - AIRROC NJ 2017 Education Day

1. Legacy UK Employers Liability - Update and Outlook
2. The Evolving Insurance Workforce: Planning for the Future to Sustain Our Legacy
3. What Is Discoverable? You Be The Judge!
4. A New Allocation Landscape Under In re Viking Pump, Inc.
5. Robotics Process Automation  

September 2017 - AIRROC & EECMA Present Mega-Superfund Site Symposium

1. ICYMI , EECMA and AIRROC ACRONYM-FEST: Mega Superfund Symposium

July 2017 -  New York Membership Meeting

1. Nanotechnology: Introduction to Science, Regulation and Emerging Risks
2. Talc and Cancer: The Science and the Litigation
3. Climate Change: An Actuarial Perspective

June 2017 - Chicago Regional Education Day

1. In re Viking Pump, Inc. 
2. The True Cost Maintaining Legacy Data Management Systems  for Insurance Runoff
3. Coverage Issues Relating to Self-Driving Cars

October 2016 - AIRROC NJ 2016 Commutations & Networking Forum

  1. Rhode Island Regulation 68
  2. Emerging Coverage Issues Driven by the Sharing Economy
  3. Long-Term Health Care the Next Run-off?
  4. Brexit Impacts and Implications
  5. EY and AIRROC Survey of the US (re)insurance runoff market Summary of Results

April 2016 - New York City Regional Education Day

  1. The topics covered at the Crowell & Moring sponsored Education Day on April 21, 2016

May 2016 - Boston Regional Education Day

  1. AIRROC Goes To Boston’s Back Bay…

October 2015 - AIRROC NJ 2015 Commutations & Networking Forum

  1. Identifying Fraud: Trends, Predictors and Exposures
  2. What's the Latest on Sports Head Injuries: US Football and UK Rugby
  3. Construction Defect Claims: Coverages and Cases
  4. Rhode Island Insurance Regulation 68: Voluntary Restructuring of Solvent Insurers
  5. Environmental Remediation - What's the Scoop?

July 2015 - Summer Membership Meeting

  1. Trends Influencing the Landscape of the Insurance Labor Market
  2. Insurance and Drones: A Rising Risk  

June 2015 - It’s A Deal -- A Workshop to Sharpen Your Negotiation Strategy and Technique

    1.  Another Win-Win for AIRROC!

May 2015 - London Regional Education Day

     1.  AIRROC London Event Discusses Increasingly Global Nature of Runoff

April 2015 - Utmost Good Faith Workshop

  1. Utmost Good Faith: Bringing The Issues To Life 

March 2015 - Spring Membership Meeting

  1. Let's Make A Deal - Current Trends in Buying and Selling Runoff Business and Blocks
  2. The "Ins and Outs" and "Ups and Downs" of Worker's Compensation Commutations



October 2014 - AIRROC NJ 2014 Commutations & Networking Forum

  1. Vermont's Legacy Insurance Management Act: How Will it Work?
  2. Everyone Into the Pool?  You Be the Judge
  3. Financial Reporting Requirements: An Evolution from EZ Reader to World Almanac
  4. What's on the Horizon?  Relevant Issues to be Aware of
  5. LPT's Goals and Considerations: Taming the Volatile Beast

March 2014 - Spring Membership Meeting

  1. Lead Paint (Part 1): The Epidemiology and the Litigation - Download
  2. Lead Paint (Part 2): The Anatomy of Lead Paint Claims – Insurer and Reinsurer Perspectives - Download
  3. The Latest on Concussion Liability and Sports-Related Brain Injuries - Download
  4. U.S. Court Rulings: A Look at Recent Cases Impacting Corporations - Download

April 2014 - Boston Regional

  1. AIRROC Goes to "Beantown"

February 2014 - Chicago Negotiation Workshop

  1. The Golden Take-Away

October 2013 - Rendez-Vous Education

  1. ADR Under the Microscope
  2. An AIRROC DRP Roadmap: How Should the DRP Be Applied to My Dispute
  3. Future of Runoff Industry
  4. Regulatory Update
  5. ORSA Update

September 2013 - West Coast Regional Education Day

  1. Prep for the Exam: How to Prepare for an Audit
  2. McElhiney Muses the Biz
  3. Are They In or Out? ECO/XPL

July 2013 - Summer Membership Meeting

  1. Asbestos Roundup: Overview of the Current Landscape
  2. Sexual Molestation Risks: Emerging Claims Issues
  3. Claims (Present and Future) Arising from Failed Medical Devices
  4. Update on Recent Legal Developments

June 2013 - Chicago Regional Education Day

  1. AIRROC Chicago Regional Education Day

April 2013 - New York Regional Education Day

  1. AIRROC New York City East Coast Regional Education Day

March 2013 - Spring Membership Meeting 

  1. Small Collections
  2. The Ins and Outs of International Collections
  3. Outsourcing: The Who,What, When, Where, How, Why....and Maybe
  4. Head Injuries and Sports: Emerging Claims Issues

February 2013 - DRP Workshop

  1. AIRROC’s Dispute Resolution Process (DRP)